Sinüs Lifting

What is Sinus Lifting?

Sinus is the name for anatomic cavities within the upper jaw close to our molars. The function of the sinus is to reduce the weight of the skull, contribute to the creation of voice, and to humidify and clean the air we inhale. In this area, if the lost teeth are not replaced with implants or prostheses, bone losses will occur, and sagging sinuses can appear. Since such sagging will be a problem in the production of implants, it will be required to lift the sinuses and the space must be filled with bone grafts. This procedure is called sinus lifting operation. Sinus lifting operation will provide the required width and volume for the implant required to be placed within the bone. Implantation can be carried out safely after creating the required bone volume. This procedure must be carried out by a maxillofacial surgeon who is an expert in the area in implant treatments requiring sinus lifting.

How is Sinus Lifting Operation Carried out?

This procedure is carried out in one session and under local anesthesia. As window will be created in the maxilla of the patient at the cheek side, and sinus mucosa will be lifted upwards. The space under will be filled with bone powder (bone graft). After this operation, which takes about half an hour, pain as mild as treatable with analgesics can occur.

Ossification of the bone graft will take about 6 months. Implantation can be carried out evet during the sinus lifting operation in some cases.

What are the Precautions for the period following Sinus Lifting Operation?

  • The patient must bite the tampons placed in his/her mouth for 30 to 45 minutes following the sinus Lifting procedure. Ice application must be started right after the operation, and ice packets must be placed on the operation site every 5 minutes.
  • Ice compress must be continued until sleeping on the operation day. It is very important to avoid spitting since bone graft are used in sinus lifting procedure.
  • Spitting must be avoided for the 2 days following the operation, and mouth must not be washed with pressure, and hiccups and node cleaning must also be avoided.
  • Oral hygiene is very important in the postoperative period. Therefore, teeth can be brushed with a sonar brush at day 1 following the operation. Soft brushed must be used in the postoperative period and the suture site must also be brushed with gentle pressure.
  • Hot foods and drinks are not recommended for the first 2 days in the postoperative period. In addition, tea, coffee, alcohol, and spiced foods are also not recommended.
  • Furthermore, smoking must be strictly avoided after sinus lifting procedure.
  • Sporting, swimming in the sea or pool are not recommended for the first week in the postoperative period.
  • Stitches will be removed at day 10 following the operation. Drugs recommended by the doctor must be taken regularly till that time, and diseases like common cold must be avoided.

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