Root Canal Treatment(Endodontics)

What is Endodontics (ROOT Canal Treatment)?

Internal part of the tooth includes the enamel and root nerves are located in the part called the pulp under the dentin layer. The pulp is the part that provides the tooth with vitality and extends to the root. If this live portion is damaged or loses its vitality with reasons such as decays or traumas, the treatment that should be applied is called the root canal treatment. The number of sessions will depend on the condition of the tooth. However, this period has been shortened with the advancing contemporary technology, and root canal treatment has become faster and more effective.

What are the Cases that Root Canal Treatment Can be Applied to?

  • High-constructed fillings and prostheses
  • Extension of the decay to the tooth nerve
  • Traumas including tooth nerve
  • Highly advanced gingival diseases
  • To remove very severe sensitivity
  • In cases where the tooth has lost its vitality in some orthodontic treatments because of over-pressure

When is the Root Canal Treatment Applied?

  • When sensitivity starts against hot or cold
  • Pain without reason
  • Discoloring of the tooth
  • Pain during eating
  • Formation of abscess or swelling of the face
  • In some cases, the requirement of root canal treatment can be seen only with x-ray and examination by the dentist.

How is Root Canal Treatment is Carried out?

Tooth nerve will be removed during the root canal treatment, canal will be formed and freed from microorganisms. Then the restorative treatments like crowns as deemed suitable by your dentist to ensure the survival of the teeth in esthetic and functional sense. Patient will fee no pain since the entire procedure will be carried out under local anesthesia.

Why is the Root Canal Treatment is Applied?

Root canal treatment is carried out to free the decayed tooth from microorganisms and to keep it in the mouth for a long time and to prevent tooth loss. Your only loss will not be your tooth if the required treatment is not applied to the decayed tooth. Inactivity of the related area of the bone can result in osteoporosis in the jaw. This in turn will prevent other possible treatments.

What is the Period of Survival of the Teeth that Root Canal Treatment is Applied to?

The tooth after a well-performed root canal treatment can remain in the mouth for a lifetime. Another factor is a good and regular oral care and control visits. Regular and correct brushing of teeth, use of dental floss and mouthwash and control visits to a dentist every 6 months are very important. Tooth with root canal treatment will be more fragile as compared to other teeth.

What are the Precautions after Root Canal Treatment?

Do not eat or drink anything until the influence of anesthesia ends. You can bide your tongue or lips without knowing it when you are under the effect of anesthesia. Do not consume hard foods when your root canal treatment is going on. Otherwise, your tooth can be broken since temporary filling will be placed in your tooth. Consult your dentist if you have severe pain between the sessions. Swelling can be seen in the face in some cases. This will improve with dressings.

How Long will the Root Canal Treatment Take?

Sometimes root canal treatment can be completed in one session; however, it can take several sessions if there is an abscess. Canal filling will be carried out after healing of the tooth. Length of this period depends on the condition of the tooth.

Do I have to Take Antibiotics During the Root Canal Treatment?

There will be no need to take antibiotics if there is not infection or over-sensitivity.

Will I Have Pain After Root Canal Treatment?

You can have pain after the root canal treatment if you press on the tooth. You must not apply force on this tooth. This can last for a few days. Please consult your dentist if it takes longer or if your pain increases.

Can Root Canal Treatment be Applied to Pregnant Women?

Root canal treatment can be applied to pregnant women in some mandatory cases within certain months of pregnancy subject to the information and approval of the gynecologist.

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