Inlay and Onlay Fillings

What are Inlay and Onlay Fillings?

Esthetic fillings have two types, namely the inlay and onlay fillings. If most of the tooth has been lost, and if cutting of the teeth is considered to be vain, inlay or onlay porcelain fillings can be preferred.

Inlay fillings are smaller fillings involving the chewing surfaces of teeth. These are prepared after taking molds in the laboratory. Onlay fillings are used to cover multiple mounds on wider surfaces.

Inlay and onlay fillings can be made from composite or ceramic material. However, composite inlay is gradually used less nowadays. All the firms and dentists are now using ceramic, because it is seen that this material is considered more successful in the long term.

Inlay and onlay fillings, also known as ceramic fillings, are much more superior to common fillings.

What are the Advantages of Inlay and Onlay Fillings?

  • These are fillings that are most close to natural teeth in the esthetic sense.
  • They can remain in place for long period of time, they are rather resistant.
  • They do not wear off at all as compared to common fillings, and they remain in the same size even after long years.
  • They are more successful, because they are constructed out of the oral cavity, in the laboratory.
  • Since the interdental past is polished and glued, there will be no problem of food particles being squeezed between the teeth.
  • They do not cause cracking or breaking of teeth.
  • There will be no discoloring within years.
  • They can be constructed in the color of the native teeth. In contrast with other types of fillings, there are alternatives for hues, and make-up is possible.
  • Since they are made from the material that is the closest to natural teeth, their use has increased in time. They help you to smile confidently because they can be made in a color very close to your natural teeth.
  • They can be used for years because they do not cause decays underneath.

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