Full Porcelain (Empress) Crowns

These are porcelain crowns that no substructure materials have been used and strength have been improved through the machining of the ceramic with compression. The full porcelain structure without any metal within the substructure increases its transparency. Therefore, they look very natural by imitating the transparency of natural teeth, light permeability and reflection characteristics.

They are preferred for anterior teeth where the chewing forces are smaller and in single lacking teeth. They cannot be used in bridges. Zircon crowns can be used in lateral and posterior teeth where the chewing forces increase.

In What Cases Can Full Porcelain Crowns (Empress) be Used?

  • Esthetic results will be obtained by regulating the harmony of teeth with each other in patients who are keen on their design of smile.
  • In cases of impaired form and position of teeth, in cases where teeth are not in the forms they have to be, that is, for smaller or larger teeth,
  • With the purpose of closing the spaces for teeth with larger spaces in-between,
  • With the purpose of correcting the wears on teeth related to varying reasons and to obtaining and natural appearance,
  • When elongation of teeth is required,
  • In cases where the color of teeth has to be changed because of staining related to excessive use of fluorine or staining related to antibiotic use, if crowning is required only with esthetic purposes,
  • In teeth that color had changed after root canal treatment and bleaching had been unsatisfactory.

In What Cases Empress (Full Porcelain) Crowns will not be Preferred?

  • To correct tooth losses,
  • In teeth that root canal treatment and contain “metol pivo”,
  • In crowns placed over implants as the implant will have metal abutments on,
  • In molars,
  • In teeth that have been cut before, with the reason that forming of the tooth properly will not be possible and tooth can break, empress crowns are not preferred.

How Do the Full Porcelain Crowns (Empress) are Applied?

It will be applied under local anesthesia, and the patient will not feel any pain. Teeth will be abraded and formed to fit the crown. Then a mold ( measurement )will be taken and sent to the laboratory.

Temporary crowns will be prepared for the convenience of the patient during the abrasion of teeth and preparation of new teeth. After the crowns are sent in for the laboratory, patient will be invited for fitting. Color, size and form of the teeth will be determined in this fitting, and then the prosthesis will be sent back to the laboratory. Three to four fitting sittings can be required as the case may be. Lastly, the crown will be adhered onto the teeth using a special glue.

How Will the Care for Full Porcelain (Empress) Crowns?

Regular toothbrushing and attaching importance to oral hygiene will suffice, just like for your own teeth. Please do not overlook your routine appointments with your dentist.

Will the Full Porcelain (Empress) Crowns Damage Gums?

Since the Full Porcelain (Empress) crowns are biocompatible, they will not damage gums. There is no risk of allergy, and you can use them safely. They will not cause discoloring of the gingival border as they are full porcelain and their substructure does not contain metal.

Empress crowns will not allow bacterial accumulation as they are compatible with the teeth and there will be no space between the crown and the teeth; therefore, there will be no decays. They will not fall off because they will be adhered with a special glue. They will not cause bad breath. The cause of bad breath can be gingival diseases, abscesses or decays. They can be applied to individuals with metal allergies, because they contain no metal.

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