Apical Resection

What is Apical (Root Tip) Resection?

Apical resection is the procedure for removal of the root tip of the tooth and the surrounding infection with a surgical procedure. Apical resection is performed where the root canal treatment will not suffice. Abscess will be removed through a small window opened in the jaw in the area that the root of the tooth and the abscess are located in. Apical resection treatment that can be applied within 30 to 90 minutes will increase the success ratio of the root canal therapy. A treatment plan must be created for apical resection application.

Can Apical (Root Tip) Resection be Applied to all the Teeth?

Apical resection operation can be applied to all the teeth including the molars. Area that the molars are located in must be evaluated by the dentist in detail. In particular, extraction of the tooth can be a better option if any damage on nerves is of question during the operation on the mandible.

Length of the root is important for apical resection operations. Again, extraction will be a better option in cases where the length of the root will be too short after removing the lower portion of the root.

In What Cases Apical (Root Tip) Resection Operation is Applied?

  • It is performed for cysts and infections that is formed on the root and do not heal with root canal treatment
  • It is applied to some cases to remove broken piece of root during root canal therapy.
  • It is also applied to roots damaged because of traumas.

How Apical (Root Tip) Resection Operation is applied?

Following the local anesthesia, the gingival flap and the bone over the root tip will be lifted a little. Then, the root tip will be cut and removed. The remaining root tip will be covered with a special material. The socket that the cyst has been removed will be irrigated with saline and will be rendered sterile. If a large cavity remains in the cyst socket, it will be filled with bone grafts, and the soft tissue will be closed using sutures. Apical resection procedure will thus be completed.

Precautions for Apical (Root Tip) Resection Operation?

  • The tampon must be left in place for about half an hour in order to prevent bleeding after apical resection.
  • Hot and hard foods and beverages must be avoided.
  • An ice pack must be applied externally onto the operation site in order to prevent swelling after apical resection. Ice pack must be applied to the operation site every 5 minutes for 24 hours.
  • No prosthesis must be applied on the tooth following apical resection for 3-4 months. No excessive force must be applied on the operated tooth.
  • Some pain and swelling is normal. Taking the painkillers and antibiotics recommended by your dentist after the operation will remove your complaints.
  • Proper oral hygiene must be ensured following the operation.

What are the Advantages of Apical (Root Tip) Resection Operation?

  • It inhibits the tooth infection.
  • It prevents tooth losses.
  • It ensures the treatment of deep decays and cracks in teeth.
  • It returns the vitality of teeth.
  • It prevents the infection from reaching the tissues adjacent to the root tip.
  • It prevents erosion of the jaw bone because of inflammation.
  • It prevents toothache and swelling.
  • The patient will not lose his/her teeth thanks to apical resection and will have health tooth roots.
  • Individuals who take care about their oral hygiene after apical resection will minimize breaking and erosion or their teeth.

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